Saturday, December 17, 2011


Saturday in iPhone pictures.

Tidbits 1217

Matt's wrapped gifts. Gifting my addiction to others. Jack guarding his Christmas present with his life. One of my Christmas presents (Fleet Foxes' self-titled album on vinyl, I love the album art). My hippie boots, another Christmas gift from my love. Hershey mint truffle kisses, orrr the most addictive candy on the planet. My fortune which I hope my boss thinks is true. Wearing nothing but glitter on my nails until 2012. A sneak peak at a REALLY exciting project we will be showing you tomorrow!

I know, how random of me to show up out of nowhere! Basically me and Matt looked back at the blog and realized how awesome it is to have a record of all the things we do and a place to share our fun. So we should be around these parts much more often. Which I know I said before. I promise to try my hardest to stick to it this time!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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