Saturday, June 4, 2011

Part III: Desert Sands and Little Denmark.

And guess where we stayed that last night? 

The Madonna Inn. Yeah, we thought it would be a one time thing too, but when I realized it would probably be best to stay somewhere closer to San Luis Obispo our last night, we couldn't stay away from the tackyness. Our room was not that exciting this time. I booked it the morning we left and this was all that was left - Desert Sands.

How is that Desert Sands? Oh well, the giant piece of black forest cake we ate in bed after dinner in the steakhouse made up for it.

Delicious, delicious cake.

That morning we ate breakfast in downtown SLO. Which is so pretty. After living in Hawaii and Southern California, I love NOT seeing palm tree-lined streets once in a while.

Then we checked out Bubblegum Alley. Pretty disgusting, huh? But pretty fun to see nonetheless.

Our last stop was Solvang. It's the Danish capital of the U.S. Or so it says. It's a cute and fun tourist destination.

We ate danish... obviously. And we bought a magnet (we collect tacky magnets from everywhere we go) that's a miniature pair of clogs. Totally worth it. 

We also noticed this burger place, The Habit, all throughout northern LA and the central coast that had lines out the door at every location.

Tried it, loved it, wish it was in San Diego. It's a step above fast food and dare I say, better than In-N-Out? I mean, I was able to add avocado! But Matt disagrees.

Basically the intent of our trip was to see everything on the California coast that we missed the first time, and I think we met our goal. At least on our map we got to fill in all the bare spots.

Now we can focus on the inland destinations - Napa, Yosemite, Palm Springs, anyone?

And I can focus on finishing my guest room!


  1. I was just in SLO, too! One of my most favorite cities in the planet!!! Looks like you had fun!

  2. I LOVE Solvang... it's so touristy, but something about it is just so cute. My bf and I always make a point of staying there when we are visiting family in Cali :)


  3. I discovered The Habit when working in Thousand Oaks - and fell in love with it! I discovered they have one not too far from us now out in the Inland Empire! Hope it makes its way to you in San Diego soon. The food is so good!

  4. Love the Madonna Inn. I first went with my parents as a kid and we stayed in Harvard Square. So awesome.

    Then my hubby and I stayed their on our honeymoon and we're going up once again with our daughter.

    The men's rock bathroom downstairs in the main building is fun!

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    Thanks and have a great day!

  6. I'm from Santa Barbara County... I used to live 30 minutes from SLO..I absolutely love it there!! I have yet to stay @ the Madonna Inn, my Dad got remarried there though...that place is so cute!

  7. definitely Napa....little known destinations I love...Bodega and Bodega Bay, dillion beach, Tamales and a little more known - petaluma. this is so much fun! You may have given me some inspiration. I think that this is so cool that you guys got to do this