Friday, February 11, 2011

26 Before 26: Goal Completion #1.

I have so many new followers - hi everyone! I am so thrilled that you want to follow our little blog! I know most of you follow to see my DIY and decor posts or recipe posts, but I also use this as our personal blog and to share with our friends and family across the country so I hope you'll stick around when I do personal posts!

I set some goals for myself
a couple months ago - some things I wanted to complete before I turn 26. One of them was to find a job I love. Of all my goals, this was the one I was most afraid of not achieving. But I already did. And I am in complete and utter shock.

I got my undergrad degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with every intention of going to grad school for Social Work. But I could. not. find. an entry level job that didn't require me to be bilingual (thank you California!). So I took an office job in November. I wasn't happy AT ALL. I cried after work most days because I felt like I was stuck and would never be able to find the kind of job I wanted and therefore would never have a REAL career. And I feared that having no experience would prevent me from getting into grad school.

The last week of January, a position opened up at a school nearby for children with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. I applied thinking I would NEVER get the job, but if I did, I could quit the job I had. My first interview was on a Friday, and by that Friday, I had also decided that I needed to put in my two weeks notice and if I didn't get this job, I would take the pay cut, live on a tight budget for a few months, and do extensive volunteer work to get some legitimate experience under my belt. So I gave my two weeks notice and went to my first interview, which went really REALLY well. My second interview went even better. But I knew the other candidates had experience and I did not. Yet somehow, I got the job.

I feel like taking that leap of faith was exactly what I needed to do and that now I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I've already had huge successes at work and I love love love the kids. I didn't even think about getting paid until my boss gave me my time card to fill out, and I would honestly go to this job every single day even if I didn't get paid. This is not to say the job doesn't come with many, MANY challenges. But I am so looking forward to Monday and I've NEVER had that feeling before. I am beyond thrilled (and totally surprised) I'm able to cross this goal off the list!


  1. Congrats Leah!!

    What an awesome feeling, to look forward to work each day!:)

  2. Heya! I am your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop! I love your blog ... it's super cute. . . Come back and follow me - I have a CD givewaway going on right now :)

  3. Leah,
    Hi, I think I'm one of your newest blog followers. I got here from Better After. Anyway, I love your idea, so I stole it (33 by 33) and I was wondering how you got that book tracker in the lower righthand corner. How do I do that?? You're a true inspiration!


  4. Hi Jen!! Thanks so much for your kind words! The book tracker is a widget from!

  5. congratulations, how awesome to do what you love, and get paid ! enjoy and be grateful for this opportunity :)