Friday, January 28, 2011

A meaningful alternative to photos.

Since we moved in I wanted a collage wall in this particular spot in our dining room. It's the spot that I see whenever I'm cooking or doing dishes. I just wanted to hang things there that I love. But not photos. At least not all photos. So I've been working on a couple things to put there.

This is what it looks like right now:


The Massachusetts cutting board is from A Heirloom. You all know how much I love my home state. My favorite part is that they even include Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. And the key is the key to our first home in Hawaii.

This is my version of what SarahandBendrix does. Not nearly as neat or perfect as hers, but it does the trick. If you're wondering, I used a heart shaped paper puncher and a good ol' gluestick. The 6th heart and 17th heart are yellow because we started dating on June 17 (6/17).


And this is a letter Matt sent to me from Iraq during his first deployment. No, that's not my address anymore, just an old college address. Ever since I got it I wanted to frame it. I wanted to get it custom framed but instead I just bought one of those frames for $1 bills that businesses sometimes hang up, and used that instead. It was the perfect proportions. I just placed the envelope on a gray piece of cardstock and placed that over the mat. Anyone with a loved one overseas knows how sentimental these letters can be. Whenever I look at it I always picture him in his tent doodling away at this envelope for me.


What do you think so far? I know exactly what's going in all the empty spaces, and I can't wait to share the finished product!


  1. I LOVE every piece that you have there!!! You are so creative Leah!!

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  24. How did you hang the cutting board? I have one and I would love to hang it, but don't want to put any holes in it!